Donna Guttman

Donna Guttman
[email protected]

Donna, with over 30 years of experience as a travel advisor, is not just passionate about the industry; she's practically grown up in it, thanks to her family's longstanding involvement in the business. Her journey began as a little girl accompanying her mother on site inspections. This early exposure has honed her keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of what makes a travel experience truly exceptional.

Donna's love for travel is reflected in her favorite destinations, from the captivating allure of Italy and Greece to the adventure-rich landscapes of South Africa and the diverse beauty of South America. Her expertise shines when planning multi-generational family trips and crafting dreamy honeymoons. As a luxury hotel aficionado, Donna has an extensive knowledge of top-tier properties worldwide, including beloved places like the Singita properties in Africa, JK Place in Rome, Plaza Athenee in Paris, and the Lanesborough in London.

Donna also takes pride in facilitating extraordinary moments for her clients, such as planning multi-generational trips to Israel and orchestrating unforgettable bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies in Israel, including those for her own children. Donna's lifetime of experience and passion for travel makes her the ideal partner for crafting unforgettable journeys.

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