Elaine Charnow

Elaine Charnow

Travel Consultant

Years as a travel advisor: 40
Languages: English
Specializes in: Europe, USA, and Asia

A little bit about Elaine,

To appreciate and comprehend the great beauty of our world is the reason that I travel and became a travel advisor. Unique sights whether natural or man-made throughout the world are fascinating to me.

To view the magnificent structure of the Eiffel Tower,the majestic Victoria Falls or the gorgeous redwoods compel me to keep traveling throughout the world.

I love generating excitement for my clients to travel whether it be their first trip to Italy or repeated trips to The Hawaiian islands.

My favorite destinations are very varied but I truly love exploring distinctive smaller cities as Aries, France or Kyoto,Japan.

I want my clients to enjoy every minute of their trip starting from the planning stages and continuing to when they return home to tell me of their wonderful adventure!

Why am I part of #1 Power Travel?

Our agents have a very thorough knowledge of destinations worldwide and have a great curiosity to travel that we want to instill and energize to our clients.

Our agency's strength is our well traveled and dedicated agents-we love to talk travel as well as visit many destinations to bring current knowledge back to our clients! We share newly discovered destination insights together.

Creating wonderful and memorable trips for my clients is continually my goal as I enter my 30th!! year as a travel advisor!

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