Karen Bodner

Karen Bodner
[email protected]

Karen Bodner's journey into the world of travel began in the bustling 1960s when she worked alongside the President of Swank, Inc., a renowned brand known for men's accessories. This early experience ignited her passion for meticulous travel planning, crafting intricate European and Asian itineraries, and coordinating memorable vacation cruises.

After taking time to raise her daughter, Karen returned to the world of travel, turning her part-time gig into a thriving full-time career. Over 43 years, she worked with various agencies before finding her home as a Virtuoso agent with Power Travel.

Karen's specialty lies in understanding her clients rather than focusing on a specific region or type of travel. She excels at crafting customized luxury travel experiences, ensuring each journey unfolds seamlessly. Her guiding principle is that good service is good marketing, and she's built trust with clients, one traveler at a time.

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