Karen Bodner

Karen Bodner

Travel Consultant

Years in Travel Industry: 40
Language: English
Specialty: Europe and cruises

A little bit about Karen

Why are you a travel advisor? When I worked for the President of Swank, Inc. back in the 60's I booked all of my boss's business and leisure trips to London, Italy, France, Asia etc. He stayed in ultra deluxe hotels and would have me book special suites with very

specific requests such as views on the northeast corner from his terrace etc. He was very precise and taught me to be very detailed oriented which the travel industry requires. Here I am 30 years later with great experience.

What is your passion about travel? Travel is an education whether you are learning about ruins in Ephesus, Turkey or lying on a beach in Barbados or St.Tropez. You get to experience different cultures and share them with your family, friends and clients. It is a fabulous education for all ages.

Most memorable trips? Flying on the Concorde to Paris and sailing on a private yacht through the Mediterranean were incredible experiences. Numerous cruises to Alaska, Europe and the Caribbean, as well as land tours through many parts of the world. Also, we can't forget Disneyworld with my husband, children and grandchildren, and spas with my daughter and granddaughter.

Favorite Trip out of memorable trips? This is a very difficult question because each trip offered something special.

Biggest rescue, customer service moment in your travel career? Being in this business for over 30 years and acquiring close relationships with the airlines and hotels my most recent rescue was my client who did not purchase travel insurance (I always recommend my clients take travel insurance since you just never know and you can lose a great deal of money!) and he had to cancel his children's booking due to illness and I was able to get the full amount for airline and hotel in the amount of $18,225.00 and this was travel during Christmas season. That was a huge rescue!!!

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