Kathie Nawrocki

Kathie Nawrocki
[email protected]

Years in Travel Industry: 24

Languages: English

Specializes in: Africa, China, Cruises, Disney, Hawaii, Caribbean & Honeymoons

A little bit about Kathie.

I am a travel advisor because I love the excitement and adventure of visiting and exploring places I've only dreamed of going, and helping my clients discover their new favorite destinations.

My most memorable trips.

Going to East Africa which was absolutely life changing. Traveling to China which was just fascinating; climbing the Great Wall of China, experiencing the wonderful culture and learning about their incredible history, and taking a remarkable Baltic Cruise to Russia.

Also, on our first night in a luxury tent in Tanzania, my husband and I were awoken by the loud chatter of the hippos in the nearby river and the monkeys in the trees, and we looked at each other wide eyed in amazement. Michael started laughing and said "Now I believe I'm in Africa! This is the coolest thing ever!" That was only the beginning of our greatest adventure.

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