Lisa Enden

Lisa Enden
[email protected]

Lisa is an adventure seeker, driven by a deep-seated passion for immersing herself in local cultures when exploring new horizons. Her ultimate goal is to curate vacations that etch everlasting memories into her clients' hearts. Lisa's primary areas of expertise lie in crafting idyllic honeymoons and orchestrating adventurous journeys to exotic corners of the world, including Tahiti, African safaris, Southeast Asia, South and Latin America, and more.

With two decades of experience as a travel advisor, Lisa's own profound love for travel and firsthand encounters in diverse global destinations have positioned her as a masterful itinerary architect. She revels in the creative process, eagerly brainstorming with fellow travelers and collaboratively weaving together the perfect vacation. The icing on the cake is Lisa's extensive network of global relationships, enriching the travel experience and ensuring that every expedition is an exceptional one.

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