Lisa Enden

Lisa Enden

Co-Vice President & Travel Consultant

Years in Travel Industry: 20+
Languages: English
Specializes in: Honeymoons, Adventure and Exotic Destination

Why am I a travel advisor?

I am a born explorer. While I did not have the luxury of traveling while I was growing up, I have made up for that tenfold! I have a passion for experiencing other cultures and seek out as much adventure while I travel from country to country. My specialty is combining the right amount of romance with culture & adventure so riding an elephant during the day and having a couples massage as the sunsets is ideal. Feeding stingrays in the morning and having a romantic sunset dinner in Tahiti is perfect!

What is your passion about travel?

It never gets boring .I learn something new everyday and have made friends all over the world.

Most memorable trips?

Thailand, Africa, Bali. Tahiti never gets boring - no matter how many times I return!

Favorite Trip out of memorable trips?

They are all so memorable but Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda is high on the list.

Who or what is your dream travel companion?

My boyfriend who loves to explore with me & keeps me laughing no matter where we are. My daughter who keeps me young and loves a good time...and I must have my music & ipad for those never ending flights!

Funniest travel story?

The time I boarded and sat down on the wrong plane....don't ask!

Biggest customer service rescue?


overnight to get clients out of Fiji where a typhoon warning had been

issued and getting them to Bali, where they originally wanted to go!

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