Marilyn Epstein

Marilyn Epstein
[email protected]

Marilyn Epstein is a travel industry veteran, with a remarkable 40-year career in the field. Nestled in Boynton Beach, Marilyn's home doubles as her office, allowing her to connect with her core clients and friends within her community, ensuring personalized and dedicated service. For over 20 years, Marilyn has been a proud member of #1 PowerTravel allowing her to collaborate with a team of dedicated Travel Advisors, shaping her into a seasoned professional with an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Marilyn Epstein is a seasoned traveler with a deep love for exploring remarkable destinations. Her journeys have taken her to captivating places, including Iceland, where she explored volcanic islands, awe-inspiring fjords, and hidden caves. She's ventured on mesmerizing safaris in South Africa and experienced iconic locales like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the idyllic Maldives. Marilyn's passion for the world's diverse experiences extends to golfing in scenic locations and embarking on unforgettable cruises with favorite lines such as Silversea, Celebrity, and RSSC. With her wealth of expertise and enthusiasm, Marilyn is your ideal partner for crafting extraordinary travel adventures.

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