Matilde Broder

Matilde Broder

Co-President & Travel Consultant

Years in Travel Industry: 40+

Languages: English, Spanish and Greek
Specializes in: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America as well as cruises world wide.

Meet Matilde Broder, President, Co-Owner and travel advisor.

Why are you a travel advisor?

I have traveled from a very young age. I was born in Argentina, lived in Greece and came to NYC in 1966. Since the age of 10, I have been traveling around the world. Due to my complex heritage (Spain, Greece, France and Argentina), traveling is in my blood. I wouldn't do anything else.

Traveling is educational and one of the most pleasurable activities there is. It gives happiness. I enjoy the art of creating a special experience for my clients.

What is your passion about travel?

Traveling is the best way to learn about places, people and customs. It broadens the mind and lessens prejudice.

Most memorable trips?

I love most every country and city I have ever visited. Each place has its own beauty. Africa is the most unique, Asia is exotic and South America is beautiful and passionate. The US has spectacular and diverse topography and natural beauty as well as exciting cities. Italy has everything, history, art, food, wine and natural beauty.

Who is your dream travel companion?

My husband, my children and grandchildren. My husband and I travel with a group of close friends through the years and that's a lot of fun as well.

Biggest customer service moment in your travel career?

A family of four were at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam waiting to get on a plane on the way to Nairobi for an exclusive Safari when their flight was cancelled due to a fire at the Nairobi Airport.

He called my cell at 3 am to ask me what to do. At that time I was able to go to my computer and rerouted them to Kilimanjaro Airport instead with no charge or penalty. I called Kenya to change all the transfers and nights at hotels.

Everything went very smoothly with minimum interruption.

A funny travel experience?

Since I was born in Argentina I still have an accent. We were in Mombasa Kenya in a beautiful resort by the ocean and there was a huge cage with beautiful Parrots. There was a sign that said that the Parrots can talk. So I approached the cage and said "Hi how are you", the parrot answered by saying, "you talk funny"

That was the first time I was told that by a parrot.

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