Randi Weinstein

Randi Weinstein

Travel Consultant

Years in Travel Industry: 40+
Languages: English
Specializes in: Corporate and leisure travel

Why am I a travel advisor?

I enjoy planning trips for people to go away to escape from everyday routines. I assist business people in making their arrangements easier for them

Passion about travel

I love hearing about my clients wonderful trips, vacations and adventures . Each story is different and each captures a unique moment.

Most memorable trip

Israel - the most fascinating sights and feelings about the people and country.

Favorite trip

Baltic cruise to Russia and Scandinavia.

Funniest travel story

I had multiple incidents in Italy when I traveled with my daughter a few years ago...none of them relaxing !! When I got to JFK airport I had the canine unit following us around sniffing me and my luggage. I forgot that I had taken food from a lunch and put it in our luggage to eat on the plane. Let me explain---that I am afraid of all dogs and this was the last straw when we were called over to the customs inspector.

Best customer service moments.

Helping everyone out throughout the years during hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.. That is when people definitely need experienced travel agents. I have worked in this industry for 38 years and certainly have experienced every phase of travel there is.!!

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