Sheryl Smith

Sheryl Smith
[email protected]

Sheryl's unwavering passion for exploring the world was evident even from a young age. Her journey in the travel industry began with Cunard Cruise Lines, where she climbed the ranks to become the Supervisor of the Air Department. Throughout her decade at Cunard, Sheryl's adventures spanned Trans-Atlantic sailings and numerous voyages around Europe and the Caribbean.

Driven by the desire to infuse her personal touch into travel experiences, Sheryl decided to pivot her career towards becoming a Travel Advisor for Top Resorts across the globe. Her commitment to continuous self-improvement shines through as she continues her globe-trotting endeavors to broaden her knowledge. Sheryl has explored diverse corners of the world, from Asia and Europe to the Middle East, not to mention nearly every Caribbean island. Her dedication to delivering the finest customer service and expertise to her select clients is a testament to her enduring love for the art of travel.

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