Stephanie Chaikin

Stephanie Chaikin
[email protected]

Stephanie Chaikin started in the travel industry as the world began to open up from Covid in early 2021. A challenging time to be the new kid on the block but she believed so strongly that travel was extremely important for people’s next chapters in their lives.

As a former elementary teacher, Stephanie explains that her creative writing is at its best when she is traveling. Stephanie sees each trip she takes or plans for her clients as an opportunity for growth, for change, for learning in everyone’s “chapters of life”

She specializes in family, couples, and group vacations, both big and small. While Italy holds her heart as she lived there for 6 weeks in college, Mexico has been a favorite country to explore. Adventure and wellness travel is her favorite to plan. Stephanie is a meticulously organized, attention-to-detail planner who strives to write her client’s trips as authentic, purposeful, and memorable chapters in their lives.

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