Tracy Lehrer

Tracy Lehrer

Travel Consultant

Years in Travel Industry: 25+

Languages: English

Specializes in: Group Travel, Disney, Alaskan, Carribean and European Cruises

A little bit about Tracy.

Why am I a travel advisor?

I love living vicariously through the trips I plan for my clients as well as making dreams coming true for once in a lifetime vacations.

Passion about travel.

Exploring and learning about new destinations and cultures while photographing hopefully a unique vision.

Most memorable trips.

Canadian Rockies in the winter and South Africa Safari

Favorite Trip out of memorable trips?

Both were amazing in their own way and completely contrary experiences.

Who or what is your dream travel companion?

My niece, I love seeing new adventures through her eyes. Besides traveling with my family I would love to travel with a professional photographer and shadow her/his every move.

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