Valerie Ritacco
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Valerie Ritacco

Travel Consultant

Years in Travel Industry: 10

Specialty; Honeymoons, Europe, Cruises, Caribbean, Mexico, Multi-generational, luxury travel

Why are you a travel advisor?

I mean what other job really can boast that it's about making dreams come true and who doesn't want to talk about the most exciting thing in many people's lives—their travel and vacations? I look forward to creating itineraries that have romance, luxury, adventures,and cultural experiences. My specialty is combining experiences such as going to the beach or a winery in Santorini and knowing where the perfect sunset is to end your day. Or spending the day touring the Palace of Versaille and then seeing The Musical Fountain Show right outside in the gardens and ending the day with a lovely romantic dinner.

This is my second career and it is fantastic. 10 years in, and I enjoy every day. I serve people with passion and dedication. I do it because I love to help people. It's an opportunity to show others the beautiful places in the world. I never get tired of helping others make their dreams come true! It’s the best job ever and there is never a dull moment.

What is your passion about Travel?

There are countless reasons why I am passionate about travel; meeting people all over the world and the conversations I have with them. The food, the exposure to new environments, the beauty and a chance to build character. It’s so interesting and fun!

Most memorable trips?

Ireland, Italy, France, Hawaii, St. Lucia, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, many more Caribbean islands, Mexico,The Cabott trail in Canada, Skiing in Vail and Canada, Flying on a private plane hopping around from island to island visiting all the Sandals resorts.

Favorite Trip out of memorable trips?

Ireland. However, it's really hard to pick one, I do remember sitting on the beach in Hawaii not wanting to come home and looking for a job. LOL

Who or what is your dream travel companion?

My husband, my daughter and her boyfriend. They keep it light and fun and love seeing the world through their eyes. Also, group trips with friends.

Funniest travel story?

Many years ago I was on a plane with a bowling team. One of them raised their hand and asked where the eject button was for the seat?

Biggest customer service rescue?

My client left his passport in a taxi in Paris and never got it back. He couldn't go on to the next country without it. And even worse the US Embassy was closed for a holiday. I then had to rearrange their hotels, transfers and flights so that they could go the next day to the Embassy.

And also other emergencies that clients had with cancelled flights, missed flights etc....

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